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Grade B 50kg Plant Glider - 2 Pack (Clearance Stock)

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Grade B 50kg Plant Glider - 2 Pack (Clearance Stock)

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Omnia Plant Glider - 50kg - 2 Pack

When we transition from one colour batch to the next, during the manufacturing process, a few gliders are affected by colour residue from the previous batch. This only affects a very small number of gliders, but when it does, we offer them to you as clearance stock at discounted prices. Enjoy!


Imperfect Grade B stock is classed as having minor imperfections that, in most cases, can be hidden by a pot or turned to a corner/wall to hide.

Grade B stock will function/perform in the same way as Grade A stock but will not carry the Omnia 3 year manufacturer's warranty or 30 day money back guarantee. 

Please review the examples in the image gallery for the types of imperfections you can expect from a Grade B product before deciding if it is right for you.

Example B Grade imperfections can include any combination of the following: 

* minor discolouration (on body or non-slip rubber ring)
* glue run (around edges of non-slip rubber ring)
* dusty/dirty (in many cases this can be cleaned away)

Why you'll love Plant Glider

  • Glides over joints and gaps without tipping over  Confidently move potted plants over decks, drains, grates and joints.
  • Move potted plants with ease  No more struggling with castor wheel plant trolleys that have a mind of their own! Designed for intuitive mobility, our plant glider seamlessly moves to exactly where you want it to go.
  • Tough as nails, won’t break or collapse - Accidental overloading won't cause permanent damage or collapse.
  • Won't corrode - Made from polymers and stainless steel, it won't corrode or stain. No screws, nuts, bolts or nails mean it will always look great, even in beachside suburbs.
  • Looks great! - Oh.... and did we mention the understated sleek design and hidden wheels won’t detract from the main feature - your beautiful potted plants.
  • Award winning – “Coveted” by the 2021 Australian Good Design Awards judges. Winner in the category of Product Design for Housewares and Objects for Design and Innovation.
  • Customers rave about them - Some customers call them life changing! Check out our hundreds of 5-star customer reviews.


    • Unique patented radial, six (6) wheel base, for maximum load stability
    • Commercial-grade, omni-directional omni wheels
    • Strong, impact resistant, glass-filled polypropylene body
    • Continuous rubber, non-slip ring to help keep pots in place
    • 100% Australian made

      Product Use

      Unlike castor wheel products, the revolutionary omni-directional wheelbase allows you to move heavy pot plants (up to 50kg and 90kg) without catching in cracks and gaps or tipping over. The six-wheel radial design gives Plant Glider unrivalled load stability and seamless directional control across a range of hard surfaces including polished indoor floor boards, vinyl, tiles, pavers, concrete, pebblecrete, crazy pavers, bricks, decks etc.


      • This product is from factory second stock and is classified as Grade B (features minor imperfections that can potentially be hidden by a pot or turned to a corner/wall)
      • Recommended potted plant weight: up to 50kg
      • Glider height: 6cm
      • Glider diameter: 30cm
      • Glider inside diameter: 18cm
      • Glider weight: 936g
      • Indoor applications/polished floors/decks: we recommend the 90kg model

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 1091 reviews

      These are great I can move my large pots around with ease.

      Ann Synan
      Omnia Plant Mover

      Have bought some. Earlier. Love the ease of movement for heavy pots. These two are additional for my veranda. Great product.

      Andrew Herdman (Sydney, AU)
      Pot mobility

      The pot gliders are great for moving pots to suit sun and rain.

      Vivien Cerolini (Melbourne, AU)
      Great product

      This product supersedes all those rickety plant gliders that I’ve purchased over the years. Really easy to be able to move my plant around now.

      Tony C (Melbourne, AU)
      Great Aussie Product

      We can now easily move our heavy plant pot to a sunny spot, our plant is loving it and so do we.