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What is the difference between a 50kg and 90kg Plant Glider?
50kg Plant Gliders feature 3 omni wheels and 3 simple roller wheels and are designed to move pot plants weighing up to 50kg. Take a closer look at a 50kg model.

90kg Plant Gliders feature 6 omni wheels and are designed to move pot plants weighing up to 90kg. Take a closer look at a 90kg model. 

The 90kg Plant Glider will also provide the smoothest move on uneven surfaces with cracks and gaps, on decks, and a scratch-free glide on indoor floors. 

50kg and 90kg Plant Gliders are identical in their dimensions and colour options.

Why do Plant Gliders move so easily and smoothly under heavy pot plants?
The secret is in the patented omni wheel base.

Omni wheels offer 360° movement in a highly stable, smooth and intuitive way.

Omni wheels don't need to turn like standard wheels or swivel like a caster wheel. Instead, they respond to force applied on any 360° vector through a set of heavy duty rollers that sit parallel to the core base wheel. It's kind of like a series of extra wheels positioned parallel to the main wheel (see image below).

Example of an omni wheel           90kg Omnia Plant Glider wheel base


Omni wheels have a myriad of applications and are the preferred choice for robotics where human-like or intuitive movement capability is essential.

When omni wheels are applied to a Plant Glider, you have access to some of the most advanced wheel technology in the world and your pot plants are in for the glide of their life!

Where can I watch more videos and learn more about Plant Glider?

Please visit our Facebook page or follow us on Instagram.

Which Plant Glider is best for indoor use?

For indoors, we recommend the 90kg Plant Glider for a scratch-free glide. 

To be safe, we recommend you test the Plant Glider (loaded with pot plant) in an inconspicuous area before rolling elsewhere.

Please take particular care testing the product before use on softwood and plastic wood composites such as Modwood, which can be prone to marking.

Which Plant Glider is best for use on decks and uneven surfaces?
For a smooth, stable, scratch/mark-free glide on uneven surfaces and on decks with cracks ands gaps, we recommend the 90kg model, even for pots weighing less than 50kg. 

How can I work out what my pot plant weighs?
To purchase a Plant Glider with confidence, it helps to have a pretty good idea how much your pot plants weighs. This will determine whether you need the 50kg model or the 90kg.

To help, we've put together a visual reference guide with a variety of pots and plants. Simply identify the pot type/dimensions, soil amount and plant size that most closely match yours to estimate roughly how much your pot plant weighs.

You can access the Pot Plant Weight Guide here.

After doing this, if you are still unsure, email us at sales@omniawheel.com for some help.

Why are Plant Gliders more expensive than typical hardware store plant movers?
We are often asked this by new customers. Existing customers who have bought and experienced Plant Glider understand why, and commonly say they are worth every cent.

While alternative plant movers may seem cheap, they typically need replacing time and time again. Their failure to work as hoped, and to last, may also cost you a broken pot and back strain/pain trying to deal with them.

Plant Glider is built to last, looks great and will never rust or fail to work as advertised. Plant Glider is the only plant mover with a 3 year replacement warranty and a 30 day satisfaction-or-your-money-back guarantee. Oh, and don't mistake the 3 year warranty as a prediction of how long your Plant Glider will keep performing and looking good. It will probably outlast your pot plant, your car and still be here when your kids finally move out of home! 😆

Made from heavy-duty commercial grade polymers and stainless steel axels, Plant Glider won't break when used according to warranty recommendations (under weights of 50kg or 90kg). Plant Glider will also never rust, making it perfect for use in beachside locations. No more rust stains on your floors!

Plant Glider provides jobs for Australians, made in the Omnia Wheel factory in Beresfield, NSW (not imported in bulk from overseas) .

Plant Glider has award winning good looks. What other plant mover can claim that?! Recognised for its sleek, understated aesthetic, in 2021, Plant Glider won an Australian Good Design Award for homewares. 

Perhaps most importantly, Plant Glider is the only plant mover to use omni wheels. The omni wheel base provides a reliable, stable, intuitive move for your pot plants, every time. Unlike caster wheel plant movers that tend to tip and have a mind of their own (much like a shopping trolley), omni wheels move in perfect synchronicity to provide that famously stable, easy, smooth move.

Say goodbye to the struggle and the pain associated with moving heavy pot plants, you're going to love Plant Glider!

How do you load a heavy pot plant onto a Plant Glider without lifting it?
If you have someone to help you load a heavy pot plant onto a Plant Glider we always recommend you enlist help and put your safety first.  

You can watch a Loading Video on our Facebook page or follow these steps:

  1. Tilt the pot to one side, as far as you can without risk of dropping it
  2. Slide the glider underneath the pot as far under as you can, pushing it under the tilted pot with your foot (not your hand)
  3. Guide the glider towards the tilted pot base and then slowly lower the pot and glider back down to the ground together
  4. Keeping hold of the pot, if it is not perfectly centred on the glider use the side of your foot to brace the glider (which will stop it from moving) and carefully swivel the pot to centre it onto of the glider
  5. That's it! 

How do I clean/care for my Plant Glider?
Plant Gliders require minimal to no maintenance.

For maximum longevity of the product, we do however recommend a hose down (using strong water pressure to clear any accumulated dirt etc. from the under carriage), then after drying in the sun, apply a small amount of silicon based lubricant spray on the wheel axels.  

Does Plant Glider live up to expectations? It sounds almost too good to be true!
Yes! Please check out the hundreds of 5-Star customer reviews.