Love your pot plants? You'll love our Plant Glider!

Moving heavy pot plants is a pain in the lower back, until now. The Plant Glider makes moving potted plants up to 90kg easy. And it looks great too - winning a 2021 Good Design Award for homewares.

Unique at its core.

See what makes us different.

  • Won't break.

    Accidental over-loading won't cause permanent damage or collapsing.

  • Won't tip.

    Confidently glides over decks and joints every time without fail.

  • Won't roll away.

    No more forgetting or fiddling around with a brake - it doesn’t need one!

  • Won't corrode.

    Made from polymers and stainless steel - it won't corrode or stain!

What makes us different?

  • Moves more weight than your husband. Sorry Dave.

    Whilst we’re sure your hubby has a strong core, he’s got nothing on our 50-90kg rated dollies.

  • Built to last longer, and then some.

    We’ve made a product that does the job. Then does the job again, and again and again and again...

  • Made for more pots than you need.

    Omnia's Glider fits a variety pots. So many... you probably can't fit them all.

  • Noticeably unnoticeable.

    Our sleek, durable, light design, means you won’t even know it’s there.

Beautiful. Useful. Reliable.

A new era in plant dollies is here.