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Omnia Wheel is the world's leading manufacturer of omni wheels.

Omni wheels offer 360° movement is a highly stable, smooth and intuitive way.

Omni wheels don't turn like a standard wheel or swivel like a caster wheel. Instead, they glide on a set of heavy duty roller wheels embedded across the base wheel frame.

Patented and high performing, our omni wheels are the perfect wheel for a wide variety of applications in robotics, medtech, conveyor transfers, ergonomic materials handling, and even homewares.

Plant Glider Origins

Dissatisfied (like many of us) with the plant trolleys readily available in hardware stores, our founder Peter McKinnon replaced the caster wheels with a set of omni wheels to improve load and directional stability, and the concept of the Plant Glider was born!

After an exacting period of design and development, Plant Glider was released to the market in November, 2020.

Uniquely attractive in the category of plant movers, Omnia Plant Glider has received rave reviews from the design community, not only for its sleek aesthetics but also for the practical and safety benefits it provides when relocating or rotating heavy pot plants. In 2021, Plant Glider won an Australian Good Design Award (in the homewares category). 

Omnia Plant Glider Good Design Australian Award Winner

Because Plant Glider sits on an omni-wheel base it offers plant lovers:

  • 360° pot manoeuvrability
  • Superior directional control and tracking
  • Precise positioning - without swivel offset correction (as seen in caster wheels)
  • Minimal wheel space/housing requirements - low profile glider with hidden wheels
  • Non marking polyurethane rollers - use on any hard surface without marking/scratching
  • Load stability - a static centre of load relative to wheel base
  • Even load distribution - the ability to use multiple wheels without swivel offset resistance
  • Reliability - won't jam or break
  • Tough and rust free - full polymer construction with stainless steel axels

Want to Know More?

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