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International & National Shipping

Omnia is a brand of Rotacaster Wheel Pty Ltd (RCW) and ships globally from Australia, and subject to US stock availability, locally within the USA,  

We use the following internationally trusted courier partners, Australia Post (AusPost), DHL, Fedex/TNT and also Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA).

At RCW we have shipped products to over 65 countries.

Australian Goods and Services Tax (GST)

Australian GST is not payable on sales to international customers or orders.

Import Duties/Taxes on International Orders

Shipping costs are based on DAP (Delivery at Place) with payment of destination Import Duties and/or Taxes, if applicable, being the responsibility of the Purchaser.  If you would like alternative Delivery Incoterms including Duties and Taxes, please contact us via email or phone for a quotation.

Cost of Shipping

Omnia does charge for shipping and while we would love to offer free shipping, the actual cost cannot be avoided by any business and is included one way or another in the total price charged by all sellers of products.  We do hope you understand.

We do, however, use API’s with our shipping partners wherever possible to ensure we offer the best possible total price of purchasing our products.  At Omnia, we treat shipping as a cost recovery exercise, not a profit centre.

The cost may vary by locality to ensure you are not penalised by advantage to others.      

Omnia may from time to time run promotional offers which may include free shipping and/or product discounts.  To ensure you can take advantage of these offers, please be sure to register your interest by subscribing.

For typical costs and timing       

Timing to Despatch

Orders are shipped within one (1) business day of receipt of your order and when possible on the same day unless noted “Out of Stock” within our online store.  In this case we will advise you of the expected ship date by email on receipt of order.  

As the manufacturer, we ensure we maintain our inventory of completed products to ensure any potential delay is an exception and minimal at worst.     

International orders fulfilled from in-country stock (i.e. USA), dependent on the time of day of receipt of your order, there may be an additional day required for in-country fulfilment.   

Parcel Consolidation/Segregation

Orders consisting of multiple units or items will be consolidated wherever possible, however, they may be packaged separately to optimise your shipping cost resulting in one or more parcels.  Shipping service providers may separate parcels within a single shipment in transit which may arrive on separate days.  

If you do not receive all parcels relating to the shipment within the promised time frame, please contact us immediately.   

Tracking Your Order

Australia Post have now implemented Authority to Leave for all orders, ensuring there is no physical contact during the delivery process.