Finally, A Plant Trolley That Works!

Forget metal plant stands with wheels that have a mind of their own. The award winning OMNIA Plant Glider, won't rust, tip, jam or break and guarantees a smooth, effortless move, every time. The secret is the patented omni wheel base with 360° intuitive movement capability.

Unique at its core.

See what makes us different.

  • Won't break.

    Accidental over-loading won't cause permanent damage or collapsing.

  • Won't tip.

    Pots stay in place and glide stably over decks, joints, cracks and bumps.

  • Won't roll away.

    Stays in place even in strong winds. No brakes or wedges needed.

  • Won't corrode.

    Made from polymers and stainless steel - it won't corrode or stain and always looks good!

What makes our plant glider different?

  • Your plants are going to love it!

    Sun. Shade. Rain. With a Plant Glider, your pot plants now have access to exactly what they need, when they need it. Your garden never looked better.

  • Moves heavy pots, effortlessly. Even with 1 hand!

    Plant Glider has been rigorously tested and rated to support 2 weights - 50kg and 90kg. All it takes is a gentle push or pull to activate our unique, patented omni-directional wheels and you can move your pot plants, just about anywhere, without help.

  • Built to last. Guaranteed.

    Forget metal plant stands that rust and break. Forget plant trolleys with wheels that have a mind of their own. Plant Glider is built to last and continue to provide a smooth, effortless move again and again and again...

  • Beautiful. Useful. Reliable.

    Plant Glider was designed to solve all the practical problems of cheap plant holders, stands and trolleys. But just to rub it in, we made it look good too. So good, it won an Australian Good Design Award for homewares in 2021.

Simply the best

Don't just take our word for it. Plant Glider is receiving outstanding 5 star reviews from customers, wishing they'd bought them sooner. You're going to love Plant Glider too! And in the unlikely event you are unhappy for any reason, simply return it for a refund within 30 days.