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What’s the best way to move large potted plants around?

What’s the best way to move large potted plants around?

Potted plants add colour and natural beauty to any space, from small balconies to large decks and patios. They’re also a great way to bring the outdoors in. 

Big white, charcoal or clay pots filled with natives, tropicals or perennials are very on trend right now, especially when staged in a trio.

But while they look beautiful, if you want to shift them in or out of the weather or reposition them, moving plants on the heavier side can be hard work. So, what is the best way to move large potted plants? 

Your pot-moving options 

Plenty of tools and techniques exist to help you move big pot plants, but some are more effective than others. Before you try any, assess the size and weight of your pot plants first. This might limit your options.

Get another pair of hands

There’s nothing wrong with asking for help to move your large plants if you’re unable to do it yourself, especially if a plant is particularly large or awkwardly shaped. 

So, reach out to friends or family members for a hand. 

Use proper lifting techniques

If you (or someone else) are able to lift your pots, use a good technique. When lifting, bend your knees and keep your back straight to avoid strain. Lift with your leg muscles rather than your back, and use a steady, controlled motion.

Slide or roll them  

If your surface is scratch-resistant, for example, concrete or tile, and the distance isn’t too far, you could try sliding or rolling your heavy planters into their new position.  Place a board or tarp underneath, then pull them into place.

Put them on a plant dolly

Purpose-built plant dollys, trolleys or caddies are a fantastic way to transport plants of all shapes and sizes, including larger pots. Simply, place plants on the top and roll them to their new location. But make sure you pick a quality plant dolly.

Use a wheelbarrow or hand truck

If you have a pot plant or two that are too large for lifting or rolling manually, try using a garden cart, hand truck or wheelbarrow. Simply tilt the pot onto the truck or wheelbarrow, secure it, and push it to the new spot.

So, which way is best?

While lifting, sliding and rolling large pots is possible, they’re not the best choice for your back, planters or surfaces. 

All can lead to you straining or injuring yourself, even if you use the proper techniques. You could also drop or tip them en route. Plus, if you’re sliding or rolling, you can damage surfaces, even scratch-resistant ones. 

In addition, you might not have someone around to help. Plus, it’s not practical to keep asking if you want to move your pots regularly. 

Because of this, the best way to move potted plants is with a fit-for-purpose trolley. But quality is a must! Many of the cheap metal or wood caster plant trolleys in hardware stores just don’t do the job well.

Cheap trolleys often break (especially when supporting large, heavy pots), tip when going over cracks, bumps and gaps and jam for no reason. They also tend to have a mind of their own and don’t go where you want them to!

Omnia Plant Glider is a great, quality dolly that avoids these issues. The secret lies in its robust, multidirectional omni wheels that enable you to glide your large pots effortlessly and intuitively over hard surfaces, even bumps and gaps. Plus, they don’t rust or break and will last for years. 

Bigger pot, bigger wheels

While plant trolleys, like Plant Glider, are the best solution for moving most large potted plants, they only comfortably hold pots of up to approximately 90kg. So, if you have pots and containers bigger than this, your best bet is a hand truck, like the Rotatruck Lite

A hand truck is perfect for moving large potted plants over soft surfaces such as grass, dirt, gravel or even carpet.

Like the Plant Glider, the Rotatruck Lite has robust, multidirectional wheels at the front that make moving it around easy. Its award-winning ergonomic design also takes the strain off your back and holds your load steady. 

If you’re moving house, hand trucks are also a great way to move your larger plants in and out of your moving vehicle. 

Put your pots on wheels

So, there’s your answer. While you could try to move your large pot plants by lifting or sliding them, your best bet is to put them on a quality plant trolley or ergonomic hand truck, like the Plant Glider and Rotatruck Lite. The right wheels make moving heavy pots light work. 

Ready to move your large potted plants easily by putting them on wheels?
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