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50kg to 90kg Conversion Kit

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50kg to 90kg Conversion Kit

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Need your 50kg Omnia Plant Glider to carry more weight? This 6 piece conversion kit upgrades 50kg Omnia Plant Gliders to 90kg load bearing capability (includes warranty for 90kg use). Easy DIY installation - complete in a few minutes. Watch the step-by-step video installation guide.

DIY kit includes:

  • three (3) patented, commercial-grade, multi-directional omni-wheels
  • three (3) stainless steel axels/pins (won't rust)

Product specifications: 

Unlike castor wheel products, the revolutionary omni-directional wheelbase allows you to move heavy pot plants (up to 50kg and 90kg) without catching in cracks and gaps or tipping over. Converting a 50kg Plant Glider to 90kg provides unrivalled load stability and seamless directional control for all kinds of pot sizes and shapes, over a range of hard surfaces. 

  • Conversion kit upgrades 50kg Plant Glider to 90kg capability and warranty
  • Omnia wheel dimensions: 50mm diameter x 27.5mm wide
  • Individual wheel weight: 43g

Customer Reviews

Based on 1267 reviews
Marc Ling (Sydney, AU)

Omnia Plant Glider - 90kg - Single

Jenny Stembridge (Townsville, AU)
Very heavy pots but working well

I knew my pots were too heavy but glider is handling them ! When a bigger one come out I will get some .

Diana Dorstyn (Adelaide, AU)
Buy one now!

So easy to move! I opted for the 90kg gliders - they really do just glide on my pavers. No more back pain for me!

Martin B. (Brisbane, AU)
We have more than 12 of these.

The Omnia plant gliders are great. We have a 6th floor balcony and they are perfect for moving around to clean, preparing for storms and changing our look!

Lynne Deal (Melbourne, AU)
Happy customer

Makes life so much easier when you are moving plants.
Definitely will be buying more!