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Garden tips: 6 benefits of using a plant trolley

Garden tips: 6 benefits of using a plant trolley

Do you struggle with moving heavy plant pots around your home, yard or balcony? Are you frustrated by your pots damaging your surfaces? Are you looking for gardening tips to make your life easier?

If so, a quality plant trolley, dolly or caddie is a must-have. These handy products can make caring for your container plants simpler and less stressful. Here are six reasons why they’re a potted gardener's best friend. 

Kids pushing pots with plant glider with omni wheels.

1. Move pots effortlessly

One of the most obvious benefits of pot trolleys is that they allow you to move your heavy plants, flowers, herbs or vegetables around with ease. 

Whether you need to rotate them for even growth, move them indoors or under shelter during cold or windy weather, shift them for a spring clean, or simply rearrange your space, a plant trolley makes the task effortless.  

Pots with plant glider with omni wheels.

2. Reduce strain and injuries 

Lifting and carrying heavy pots filled with soil can put strain on your back, shoulders and arms. By using a plant trolley instead, you can avoid this physical stress and protect yourself from injury. 

Man putting plant glider under pot.

3. Protect your surfaces 

Large, heavy plant pots can damage your floors over time, especially if you need to move them frequently. 

A quality plant trolley provides a stable base with wheels, reducing the risk of scratches, scuffs, or other damage to your decks, tiles, paving or other surfaces. It also lifts your pots off the ground, minimising staining. 

Pots with plant glider with omni wheels.

4. Easier to care for your plants

Plant trolleys allow you to easily move your pots around to chase the full sun or rain so they can thrive. You can also move them with the seasons, rolling your plants to sunnier spots in winter and shade in the hot Australian summer. 

Because they raise your pots off the floor, plant dollys also help drainage and allow air to flow under your plants, keeping them happier and healthier. Plus, the elevation makes watering and pruning easier. 

Pots with plant glider with omni wheels.

5. Enhance your aesthetic 

Plant trolleys come in a variety of styles and materials, meaning they can add a decorative addition to homes and gardens. 

If you’re looking for something really stylish, Omnia Plant Gliders have a sleek, seamless design coveted by designers that puts your plants on a plinth, letting you really accentuate your display of native plants, perennials and annuals. They also come in a choice of colour. 

Pots with plant glider with omni wheels.

6. Small space flexibility 

For smaller outdoor spaces or balconies, plant trolleys can help you maximise the space by allowing you to move your potted plants around as needed.

If you’ve got friends coming over, you can move your pots to make room for extra seating. Alternatively, if you want to sit outside but your plants are taking all the sun or shade, you can roll them out of the way. 

Kids pushing pots with plant glider with omni wheels.

Look for quality when you buy

A plant trolley is a practical addition to your home or garden, making moving your beautiful pots easier and safer. It can also help you care for your plants and even add a touch of style to your display. 

But before you buy, make sure you choose a quality plant trolley with good stability. It’s worth investing in something a little more expensive so you can enjoy all the benefits without any issues or having to buy a replacement in a few months.

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